Forklift Budget Safety Access Cage for 1 & 2 persons Z/CN/WP25

Forklift Budget Safety Access Cage
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Safety Harness
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Forklift Budget Safety Access Cage for 1 & 2 persons

Our Budget Forklift Safety Access Cage is a very cost effective unit but yet still made to a good standard. The safety cage, also known as a forklift access platform, is safer than a ladder and less expensive and quicker than scaffolding. It has a load capacity of 250kg and is suitable for 2 persons. There are 2 bars fitted to both sides with sliding rings for harness attachment, or alternatively 2 eyes fitted into the floor.

Included with our Budget Forklift Cage is a tool tray which sits within the 2 side bars. This can be removed if not required. The forklift cage is zinc plated for a long life, the same finish as a shopping trolley.

When in use, the forklift cage must be secured to the forklift. This budget safety cage has a sliding bolt which secures the forklift cage to the heel of the fork. This must be used when in use. The deck of the cage is formed from steel chequer plate to provide grip for the operators to stand on.

The back panel is covered with 50x50mm mesh to prevent any body parts from being caught in the forklift mast when being lifted. The door opens internally so no-one can fall out, and closes smoothly & automatically with a spring. A flick-over catch is also fitted for added protection to stop the forklift cage door accidentally being opened. The upper back section is fixed in position with a warning sign in place.

The Health and Safety Executive publishes guidance identifying appropriate working platform and forklift truck combinations and how they can be used safely together. This contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence.
Working Platforms Guidance

Optional Safety Harness

Optional Safety Harness
Safety Harness in Use

The optional safety harness ensures safe working at height and has a 1.8m fixed length rope lanyard. This safety harness conforms to EN 354, EN 361 and EN 358.

Please note, HSE Guidance Note PM28 states "If people have to lean out of the platform to carry out work, or there is a risk of falling out of the platform, they should use a personal work restraint system attached to an anchor point on the platform." For more information about HSE use of forklift access cages, please see link above in yellow box.

Please also note that Working At Height Regulations 2005 require equipment to be inspected at "suitable intervals", and BS EN 365:2004 Personal Protective Equipment Against Falls From Height state"To counter the causes of degradation listed in the Introduction, the British Standard states that components should be examined at least twelve-monthly"

Forklift Safety Access Cage Truck Compatibility

Our forklift safety cage is suitable for most forklift trucks with adjustable forks. The fork pockets are 160mm wide x 60mm high with the distance between the centres of the forks of 645mm

Please note, Some Reach Trucks have narrow fork spacings, please check your truck!!!

Forklift Fork Sleeves Diagram

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Width1150 mm
Depth1100 mm
O/A Height2070 mm
Internal Height1000 mm
Weight110 kg
Load Capacity250 kg
Forklift Fork Sleeves Diagram